Linde Green: Pioneering liquefied gases without carbon footprint

Take the next step! Linde Green is an opportunity for you as a customer to further reduce your emissions, strengthen your sustainability profile and become an even fairer choice!

Sustainability is at the core of our business. Every day, we live our mission of making our world more productive and more sustainable, doing more with less. Now, we take the next step and proudly present Linde Green, our new product portfolio of liquefied gases without carbon footprint, using renewable energy and fuel in production and for transports, together with climate-compensation.

Cleaner liquified argon, oxygen, nitrogen and CO2 without carbon footprint

Linde Green liquified gases reduces climate impact using renewable energy and fuel in production and transportation. A very small part is climat compensated via certied forestry projects. 

The Linde Green portfolio includes liquefied oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide. To produce the Linde Green products, we use renewable sources, either air or recovered CO2 e.g. extracted as a side stream from bioethanol production or chemical processes. 

In the regional production and distribution system, electricity from wind and solar with Guarantees of Origin for production, and renewable fuels for transports will be used, equivalent to the quantities of Linde Green products sold.

  • Renewable energy
  • Renewable fuel
  • Remaining GHG emission will be offset

All together this reduces the carbon footprint of greenhouse gases (GHG) emission with up to 95%. Remaining GHG emission will be offset in Plan Vivo forestry projects creating a product without carbon impact. Our Linde Green liquefied gases have zero-carbon impact, using renewable energy and fuel in production and for transports, together with climate-compensation. Read more.
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Linde Green will help our customers improve their environmental performance

With Linde Green, we supply Linde customers a climate compensated product without carbon footprint enabling our customers to further improve their competitive advantage from their processes that utilize gases.

Linde is continually developing new applications and more efficient ways of air separation. With Linde Green we take the next step and embrace a unique new production approach.

We aim to be the best choice of supplier, and in close partnership with our customers, support in achieving their sustainability goals. Together, we will make the world more productive, and more sustainable. Download product datasheet here.

By offering the Linde Green portfolio, we want to become the best choice of supplier and be in close partnership with our customers on the way to achieving the sustainability goals. Together, we will make the world more productive and more sustainable.

Full certification and third-party

Customers will receive a full-year report on their CO2 emissions savings achieved by the liquified Linde Green gases.
Linde is one of the first companies to introduce liquified air gases without carbon footprint. Customers will receive a certificate, stating the CO2 reduction achieved using Linde green gases.
The CO2-footprint from Lindes production and transportation of products has been calculated according to the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA) Methodology to Establish a Product Carbon Footprint Doc 167/11. Linde document all CO2 equivalents according to the methology, which are verified yearly by a third party.

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How much CO2 will be reduced by using renewable energy?*


How much CO2 will be reduced?

Up to 500 kg CO2 per ton product.

By using 100 tons of Linde Green liquid oxygen, you get a reduced carbon footprint by 50 tons.

In a Nutshell

All you need to know about Linde Green.

  • Same product quality and reliability – without carbon footprint
  • We use renewable sources: air or recovered CO2, e.g. extracted as a side stream from bioethanol or chemical processes
  • Only renewable electricity is used in the production of Linde Green gases
  • Transports to customers initiate the purchase of renewable fuels in the distribution system
  • Linde Green is audited and verified by a third-party
  • Customers receive an annual certificate showing reduced carbon footprint

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